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We're back!

We're here, bigger and more badass than ever before, to gather, celebrate, and relish in ourselves, each other, and the divine feminine.

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Over the course of four to six days, in the arms and company of beloved fellow goddesses - PUSSIFIED is a journey, exploration, and revealing of the divine feminine that lives within each and every one of us. Through a process of purging and releasing the stories and contracts that are keeping us disempowered and disconnected from our truthful, sacred expression and relishing in our abundant, pleasurable, deliciously alive bodies and lives, we reclaim our voices, our hearts, and our power.

The vibe at PUSSIFIED is wild, free, fun, and deeply loving. Come to find yourself and also come to hoe around with your titties out in gorgeous homes, playing dress up, and sipping on delightful spirits with newfound forever girlfriends.

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Cliff's Notes


At Pussified, we dance, laugh, shake our booties, wear lingerie, take polaroids, and center pleasure, play, and fun

do The sacred shit

Along every step of the way, we invoke and honor the goddess and the divinity within all of us.

meet awesome bitches

The real magic of PUSSIFIED, is in the people. Come to find lifelong friendships and the most sacred community

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The 2023 Retreats!!!

your luxury villa

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Retreat 1 = Bali Classic 🌞

Sept 26th - Oct 2nd

6 nights of life-changing sisterhood in the magically healing Bali, getting pampered and blessed by Mama Gaia, and party with the locals! Feed on earthly delights, get kissed by the sun, jungle, and ocean waves, and dive deep into the Divine Feminine abyss of ourselves and each other!

Retreat 1 Agenda

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On our first full day, we descend into our darkest depths to shed light on the parts of ourselves we often run from. We release and let go of the things keeping us from our most exalted beings.

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We spend our second day embodied, relishing in the enchanted forest. While reconnecting to ourselves and our erotic aliveness, day 2 is about centering and celebrating pleasure and ecstasy.

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Out third full day is all about creative self-expression, performance, and play! On this day explore all the versions of yourself through dress-up and a personalized boudoir shoot. Lounge by the hot tub, dance, create, and be merry!

*this retreat includes 2 extra days -- bookends to explore + enjoy Bali, rest + recover from travels, + have space to integrate alone or with each other.

The bulk of the Pussified schedule will still be the classic structure of 3 FULLY BOOKED days

Retreat 2 = Bali Sapphic Dreams

*By invitation and application ONLY / Oct 5th -11th

This is an Advanced Tantrika Initiate Retreat, open by invitation and application only.

More details will be provided to those who inquire...if you dare...

Retreat 2 Agenda

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*this retreat includes 2 extra days -- bookends to explore + enjoy Bali, rest + recover from travels, + have space to integrate alone or with each other.

The bulk of the Pussified schedule will still be the classic structure of 3 FULLY BOOKED days

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Your Pussified Guides

jessica soares

Venus-ruled, world - traveling, psychedelic-loving facilitator of events and experiences that lead people closet to themselves, each other, and God.



wendy hopper

An Empress fueled by abundant pussy-pleasure, a mind, energy, and shadow expander, a guide of tantric delights, feminine body love, and self-devotion

an unstoppable force of two pleasure priestesses, sensual sirens, badass bitches, holy hoes, and above all....your loving guides and spaceholders

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Your Famous Photographer

Oliva Oh @honor-thy

Self-Expression + Sensual Artistry

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Olivia's work studies people and nature, allowing her subjects to naturally exude their intimate beauty. Her work often communicated themes of body empowerment, safe sexual expression, and self-healing through introspection.

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What's Included?

  • 6 nights in luxurious homes
  • all on-site meals + beverages
  • private chef + housekeeping
  • offsite excursions
  • professional solo-boudoir photoshoot
  • all onsite workshops + activities
  • freetime to swim, read, watch movies, meditate, play games, explore, paint, etc.
  • discounts to all future Pussified Retreats
  • a comprehensive integration booklet
  • private Whatsapp group to connect + support each other forever
  • opportunities for local meetups
  • 1-month post-retreat Zoom gathering
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This is for Women that...

This is not for Womxn that...

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Words from past attendees

mindy novak

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Marissa nakasone

"It was a thing that I'm still trying to put into words, and that for me is when I know it was epic."

Marissa, Full Testimonial Video

Ali bowman

"I was like, everyone here is so cool! This is awesome!"

Ali, Full Testimonial Video

"You will be very warmly supported, you will be loved, you will be able to show up as your authentic self"

Mindy, Full Testimonial Video

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Join Us!

Choose your retreat

Bali Classic 9/26 - 10/2

Alums = starting at $2200

Newcomers = starting at $2400

Bali Sapphic Dreams 10/5 - 10/11

*must apply

Alums = starting at $2200

NeWcomers = starting at $2400


Retreats are Non-Refundable

payment plans available

* must be paid by the retreat start date

$500 deposit

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Bali Classic

$500 deposit here

Bali Sapphic dreams

apply here

More Pussified -

THe pussy portal

A yearlong online membership for all women!

We begin 1/5

meet every new & full moon @ 12pm EST

to follow the heroine's journey

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Only $44 x month

or $500 for the whole year